Does Being A HGV Driver Offer Flexibility in Employment?

If you had posed this question a mere decade ago, it would likely have been greeted with ridicule. However, the concept of flexible work has evolved from being virtually non-existent to a rare luxury provided by only a handful of companies and has now become an imperative necessity. Especially in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, where disorder and uncertainty persist, the ability to determine one’s own working hours and establish a schedule that accommodates personal needs has gained paramount importance. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that various occupations possess distinct degrees of suitability for implementing “flexibility.” Consequently, one might question whether being an HGV driver qualifies as a flexible job.

Not A 9-5

For all HGV drivers, it is a universal truth that their working hours are not fixed from 9 to 5. The working schedule varies based on factors such as the day, season, or even the weather conditions, making each day unique. Consequently, there is no set routine of going to the office at the same time every day. Instead, drivers receive pre-planned routes that take them to different destinations with varying deliveries. For instance, on Monday, they may be assigned multiple customer deliveries in London, while on Tuesday, they might have to drive from London to Manchester and back. Additionally, there might be occasions when they embark on long-haul journeys to deliver goods in Europe. In terms of flexibility, drivers have some control over the days they work and the distances they cover, which largely depends on their employer.

Time Off

As an experienced HGV driver, you have the flexibility to determine your working hours and days according to your preferences. Unlike many other professions, HGV drivers have more control over their time off, allowing them to choose when and how long to take time away from work. This includes not only annual leave but also the ability to schedule work days to align with personal commitments, such as being available for family responsibilities. Although often overlooked, this aspect of being an HGV driver can have a significant impact on work-life balance.

Master Your Work Environment

As an HGV driver, you have significant autonomy over your working environment, unlike many other professions. While you may not be able to make structural changes to your cab, there are numerous ways to personalise and improve it. You can decorate your sleeping area, add mini-fridges, hang decorations (as long as they don’t obstruct your vision), and generally create a more pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, you have the freedom to listen to your preferred music, audiobooks, or podcasts at any volume, dress comfortably, and stock your cab with your favourite snacks without worrying about others taking them. Unlike office workers, who often complain about the lack of flexibility in their workspaces, this is not a concern for HGV drivers.

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Job Security

While this may not immediately appear as a representation of “flexibility,” we urge you to consider its potential. In the United Kingdom, there is a significant demand for HGV drivers. This demand stems not only from the pandemic-induced growth of the delivery industry but also from the crucial role that delivery drivers play in sustaining and advancing the economy. However, there is currently a shortage of drivers, which has persisted over an extended period. Consequently, there is an abundance of job opportunities available for HGV and LGV drivers in the UK. Consequently, you will have ample flexibility in selecting your preferred work collaborators, the company you wish to work for, as well as the specific type of HGV and cargo you desire to handle.

Go It Alone

Once you have the necessary qualifications, you have the option to choose whether to work for a particular retailer or logistics company or to venture into the world of self-employment. Despite the perceived risks, there is a growing demand for independent HGV drivers. By choosing this path, you not only enjoy the advantages discussed earlier but also benefit from the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss. As an independent driver, you have complete control over your work methods, choice of clients, and overall business operations.

In summary, we can conclude that being an HGV driver is, without a doubt, a job that offers flexibility. There are numerous aspects of this profession that you can manage without encountering difficulties in finding employment. And this is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibility of starting your own venture.

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