The Differences Between Tennis And Badminton

The Differences Between Tennis And Badminton

The games of tennis and badminton are often compared because of their similarities. Both of them utilize a two-sided court, one in which players will be on either side of the net, using rackets to play the game.

Differences in each of the sports are obvious, and you can learn what they are and then assess which option or game will be better for you.

The use of rackets in both games does occur, yet tennis is going to use either yellow or green fuzzy balls that will be hit back and forth, whereas bad uses a birdie, also called the shuttlecock that is hit back and forth instead.

Individuals, as well as teams, can play together, allowing one-on-one and doubles play in the competition.

In the game of tennis, there are a maximum of two total players on each team, whereas six players can be grouped together to play badminton. That is why, in family gatherings, this is a game that people can often play together as opposed to tennis.

Rules and scoring systems are different. When looking at the game of tennis, when the ball hits the ground, it can only do so once during a volley, but the birdie cannot hit the ground at all bad.

In the game of badminton, there are traditional scoring rules systems set up including those that will lead up to either 15, 11, or as high as 21. When playing the game of tennis, it also has a unique way to score the games, which includes the word Love, 30, 15, Deuce, 40, and Advantage.


Both tennis and badminton candy very vigorous activities. When you are playing tennis, you will notice that the courts are much larger, and therefore will cause more exertion. There is another difference in regard to the height of the net; when playing badminton, the net is typically about 5 feet high, whereas in tennis it is actually just a few feet from the ground.

The rules of tennis and badminton must be learned before you can play this game as a hobby. If you are after ‘padel tennis fencing‘ then see here.

The speed of the shuttlecock or ball

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, in the game of badminton, the speed of over 264 mph was attained, yet in the game of tennis, it was only just over 163 mph. Therefore, in the game of badminton, movement back and forth of the birdie can be much faster.

The Weight Of Tennis Versus Badminton

In each of the games, the rackets that are used are very different. In badminton, the design is different, along with how much it weighs.

When looking at a tennis racket, it can weigh up to 13 ounces. Professionals such as Roger Federer use a tennis racket that is only 12.84 ounces, Which is slightly heavier than the one that Murray uses at just over 12 ounces.

If you were to weigh a badminton racket, it would only weigh 100 g at a maximum. You will typically find that “U” on a badminton racket showing you how much it actually weighs. This information can also be found on this page.

Earning Differences

Tennis players, when compared to badminton players, tend to make much more money. You can look at this chart of the top five richest tennis and badminton players to understand how much they are able to earn. On this chart, you can see that there are sizable differences between the two sports.

On the chart, the least rich tennis player is actually earning more than the most wealthy badminton player in history. In fact, people that are top earners in bad earn eight times less than those that are the best in the game of tennis.

Penetration rate

If you want to calculate the penetration rate, this is actually the number of participants which is divided by the total population of the people on the earth. There are really not a large number of countries!

Initially, you should look at the game of tennis. This is a game that is played in the United States, Europe, and also Australia. The total population of each of these countries is:

  • USA: 327 million
  • Europe: 780 million
  • Australia: 25 million