The Top Reasons You Should Consider a Pergola

Homeowners who have discovered the simple joys of having a beautiful backyard that enjoys a summer afternoon often wonder how they can enhance this experience. Backyard enthusiasts have a love for their own corner of heaven and will look for every way possible to improve their gardens.

There are just so many benefits from having a beautiful garden from enhancing the mood and increasing a feeling of well-being to extending the functional space of the house for entertaining family and friends, quiet readings, painting, photography and many other pursuits.

If you have a garden you absolutely adore and wondering what you can do to improve the appearance and functionality of your garden a pergola could be the perfect addition. See here for Outashade.

Pergolas (further) Extend Your Living Space

A deck or patio can extend the functional space of the home into the backdoors and allow you a comfortable place from which to enjoy the weather when it is pleasant. A pergola adds a new level of protection from the elements.

Having a pergola designed and constructed to your needs effectively increases the living space of your home into your backyard area. The pergola of your choice will be designed and assembled right on the spot and can provide the perfect amount of shelter from sunlight and even light rain — which is perfect for protecting you from light summer showers.

Design Options Abound with Pergolas

You will have several big decisions to make as you design the right pergola for your backyards, after all, it has to be perfect. The first choice is if you want a kit or custom option. A local landscape professional can walk you through the process of constructing a completely custom-designed pergola from scratch. You can also buy a pergola kit manufactured by a reputable company right here in the United States.

The next important decision to make is what materials you will use. There are many different material options available and there are advantages and disadvantages to each one.

Pressure-treated wood:pressure-treated wood is inexpensive and has a reasonable life span. But after time pressure-treated wood has a tendency to warp and crack. A pressure-treated wood pergola should be stained or painted to look its best and prolong longevity.

Cedarwood: Cedar (typically Western Red Cedar) is a popular material because it is resistant to insects and looks beautiful cut as it is. The wood can be stained or sealed to preserve the beauty of its colour, or it can be left as is and it will turn a beautiful silver-grey.

Vinyl: If you are looking for something that requires very little maintenance and will last a considerably long time, a vinyl pergola is the value option. Vinyl can’t be painted and may find colour choices are limited

Fibreglass: Fibreglass pergolas are the most expensive option, but they also have some special benefits. Because of the tensile strength of fibreglass, beams can span greater spaces with fewer posts —even 20 feet apart. This can provide a very sophisticated and cleaner look to your garden. Fibreglass can be painted in any colour you would like and won’t need to be painted as often as a wood pergola.

Finally, if you are looking for a pergola to add to an existing deck or patio, fibreglass pergolas are especially lightweight and will not need the same heavy-duty support systems that other materials will need.