Cottage Windows – Topic Overview

One of the best ways to preserve the beauty of elegance of traditional homes is by installing cottage windows. It helps traditional buildings to get a sense of charm. Originally, cottage windows were mainly made out of wood, and they would begin to wear as time goes on. This means that they demanded to be refurbished regularly. Although, the best choice would be to install a new cottage window that will boost the advancement and make it modern. As a side point If you are in need of triple glazed windows then see here.

What Is A Cottage Window?

The truth is that a cottage window is a broad term that is used to describe windows that suit traditional homes. However, it is important to note that this does not mean they are restricted to older properties only.

Cottage windows are also known as Tudor or Georgian windows. They are made out of different kinds of materials such as aluminium, uPVC, and wood. They open the same way as other windows sash (have vertical sliding pane) or casement (open outward with hinges). The only thing that makes it different is a series of bars that makes several small squares of glass rather than one big pane.

Cottage windows installation would let draught into the property, and the wood would warp with time. Although thanks to advancements in wood manufacturing and production used to frame windows, you do not have to worry about warping anymore.

Which Homes Suit Cottage Windows?

Just like the way the name suggests, cottage windows are best for traditional cottages. This helps keep in with the style of the home. On the other hand, if you are looking to give your modern home a traditional style look, you should consider an elegant modern cottage window.

The Benefits Of Cottage Windows

As mentioned, installing cottage windows is an excellent way to maintain the traditional style of older properties. On the other hand, in modern homes, cottage windows are excellent in adding a sense of traditional charm. Many people are often worried when installing these windows because it usually meant that installing them compromise security and energy efficiency. However, you do not have to worry about this anymore. Today, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Security – Today, cottage windows feature vertical and horizontal stripes across the grass. This makes them secure compared to other types of windows.
  • Energy Efficiency – You will get all the visual elegance and charm with traditional cottage windows and feature modern window benefits. This means that they are energy efficient. All this is made possible by double glazing. Double glazing offers the benefit of increased insulation.
  • Variety – You have the option to select different materials, styles, and colours. Each and all materials offer different benefits. The moment you have selected the material; you will be able to select the colour that suits your home best.

The Types Of Cottage Windows

Casement Windows – This type of window can fit various spaces, no matter the width or height of the building. They are attached to the frame by hinges and open outward to allow air to flow in, and they fully seal when they close. The common cottage casement is a Georgian rode. It runs through the glass, which gives it the effect of it having several panes.

Sash Windows – This type of window has at least one movable sash or panel. This works as a frame to hold panes of glass. For this type of window to open, you would lift the lower pane upwards so that it can overlap with the upper panel.