Clear Indications That is Time To Cut Down A Tree

Surface Roots

Some trees tend to have roots that are too close to the earth’s surface all their lives, but others are deep-rooted. When you can spot too many roots near the earth’s surface, you might have a tree problem there. But again, it depends on the type of tree that is in question.

If you have the same tree in your compound or around the neighbourhood, you can always do a comparison of your tree against them. When you see tree roots coming out to the surface, it is a clear indication the tree lacks enough nutrients down there. Roots that are near the surface are exposed to harm from animals, lawnmowers, humans, and severe weather conditions.

In simple terms, if the roots of your tree are exposed to the surface, it is a clear sign that your tree is struggling to be alive. It can probably be rescued, but first, you will need to call a tree expert to have a look and advise you accordingly. For anyone in the Southampton area then check out tree felling Southampton.


If you notice fungus-like mushrooms sprouting around the bottom stem of your tree, your tree could be having a slow death. Moss is not the biggest problem as most healthy trees are well covered by moss. However, if you begin to notice a steady growth of fungus, it is a clear indication of your tree struggling to stay alive.


When your tree is stressed, it will start to send out shoots either from the tree trunk or the lower parts of the tree. It is an indication the tree is struggling to stay alive. When upper branches dry out, they die. As a result, the tree will struggle to start afresh.

Root Rot

A rotting root is another major problem that can lead to the death of trees. You can tell with ease when your tree’s roots are rooting because they tend to create holes and dips on your lawn. More mushrooms will appear on the dead roots as they continue to decompose.

As much as you can’t see the rooting roots, they will create a major problem for you in a short while. As you are aware, roots keep the tree upright. It means that if they are affected and disintegrate at any time, the tree could fall over at any given time.

A Dying Trunk

Having a look at your tree trunk is another way you can easily tell the health of your tree. If the tree trunk is cracked, the bark falling off, or it is a hollow sound when you knock on it, your tree is struggling to stay alive. The trunk is crucial for supporting and keeping the tree healthy. A weak tree trunk will lead to an inevitable fall, something that you certainly don’t want.

Loss of Branches

When a tree starts to have its branches falling off is a clear sign it is having a hard time surviving. By dropping huge, dead parts, it is a sign that the little energy left is being directed to healthy remaining parts.

This can very dangerous as it can easily damage your house roof or even parked vehicles. If you see large branches falling off, then it is time you contacted a tree expert to come over and look at the trees and maybe do a removal if necessary.

However, it is important to note that not every time you see branches falling off is a sign of an unhealthy tree. This can even happen to completely healthy trees. It is common in elm, beech, oak, sycamore, and eucalyptus trees. An expert will be to advise you accordingly.