Do More This Winter: Elevate Your Casual Style With These Men’s Winter Outfits

Buying new, comfy clothes is not something to be ashamed of as a man. If anything, it’s to be glorified. Self-care comes in many forms and elevating your casual style is one of its many faces.

Sure, our daily attire has changed considerably in the last two years. This deviation from the norm, however, has resulted in males becoming more savvy shoppers.

How so? — Rather than making impulsive purchases or succumbing to the allure of trending items, your winter wardrobe investments are more focused. They allow you to focus on what provides comfort, what is necessary to combat the elements, and what garments have the versatility to be worn on repeat.

Nevertheless, even with the proper winter attire, it can be difficult for any man to figure out what to wear with what for the most level of comfort without losing great style. The ideal winter outfit should be easygoing, stylish, and include all of your favorite cozy pieces.

While your formal suiting and neckties are now languishing in the back of your wardrobe, we’ve put together a few important winter outfit options that will keep you warm in any situation, from comfortable WFH hours to weekend excursions on snowy trails. Some of these wardrobe necessities may already be in your closet, which is fantastic.

However, if you don’t, consider these high-quality garments to be worthwhile expenditures to cover all of your bases this winter. Flex these flexible ‘fits on Zoom or on the fly’ to simplify your cold-weather styling:

WFH (Work From Home), But Polished.

No man will complain if he replaces his rigid, unpleasant trousers with soft, stretchy sweatpants. The blurring distinctions between loungewear and workwear, on the other hand, haven’t made dividing working hours from off-hours any easier.

A more polished WFH winter attire will make your work life feel more normal (whatever that means these days), and enhance your confidence to complete that deal, ask for a raise, and generally embody the vibes of a total boss, even if you’re only visible from the waist up. Here are some pointers:

• An Elevated Sweater

The devil is in the details when it comes to creating a cool-yet-comfortable WFH flex. For mornings on Zoom, an upgraded sweater elevates your go-to winter knit a notch. While your coworkers won’t notice your fashionable jeans beside the water cooler this year, you’ll feel more secure and professional in them.

• Relaxed-Fit Chinos

A relaxed-fit chino in a super-soft fleece fabric seems almost like a more formal lounge pant, giving warmth and the perfect amount of roominess for working from your home office or living room couch.

• Cool Sneakers

Indoors, cool sneakers provide much-needed foot support while strolling on your hardwood floors. Dressing up from head to toe allows you to go for a stroll or run errands at any time during the day, rather than having to rush to get dressed in the afternoon when entering the outside world.

• Winter Vest

If you’re going out for a quick break or just want to show off your layering skills to coworkers, add a winter vest to your ensemble.

Winter Workout Warrior

Taking your training outside provides a welcome change of scenery after spending so much time indoors throughout the winter. Even so, your workout wear must be light enough to boost your fitness game without impeding your performance.

• Leggings, Training Shorts and Puffer Jacket

Only a few more layering pieces, such as leggings to wear under your training shorts and a fashionable running t-shirt topped by an insulating but stretchy puffer jacket is required for added warmth. Simplicity is elegance. If you are looking for gloves then see ‘men’s leather gloves‘.

Wind Up

Slaying your outfits in winter couldn’t be easier: A simple yet elegant closet is what you need. Follow this guide and elevate your casual style this winter!