Helpful Tips For Budding HGV Drivers

Most drivers of light motor vehicles do exceptionally well on the roadways with minimal practice and training. However, if you’re aiming to drive an HGV, there are quite a few things that you’ll need to know. Hence, HGV drivers are much more than just point A to point B drivers. So, if you’re interested in driving an HGV, you’ll need to consider the following tips. If you are in Hampshire then take a look at HGV training near Hampshire.

1 – Independent And Able To Work Self-Sufficiently

Most HGV drivers love the freedom that comes with such a job. If you didn’t already know, most other professions tend to frown on the flexibility and freedom that comes from being an HGV driver. By driving an HGV, you’re in control of both vehicle and driving abilities.

However, if you flourish under long conversations and a busy environment, becoming an HGV driver may not be the best option for you. HGV drivers also spend a ton of time on long drives and should be able to survive on their own while transporting goods across the country.

2 – Spatially Aware

Navigating through busy streets and terribly tight spaces comes with driving an HGV. As such, it’s a great idea to be naturally in tune with everything around you. This allows you to get through hazards with your goods and it also helps protect pedestrians.

3 – Technically Literate

Having a career as an HGV driver doesn’t mean that you’ll need to be an expert or even a mechanic. However, it does pay to know a little about the vehicle that you drive. Additionally, there are a series of useful skills that will come in handy and it will allow you to take action as you prevent delays.

4 – Cool-Headed

Driving on the roadways can be quite stressful at times. However, if daft actions and terrible driving sets you off, you might want to reconsider your choice of becoming an HGV driver. So, if your blood pressure goes higher than the sky, it’s best to take a step back. HGV drivers tend to ignore the poor driving from others and simply make room when other drivers come around.

5 – Sense Of Responsibility

A great sense of responsibility is essential if you’re thinking of becoming an HGV driver. You’ll need to take responsibility for damaging cargo, persons, and other property while working. If ever you need to take responsibility for something, it’s best to honestly do so.

6 – Alertness

When it comes to driving such a huge vehicle, it’s in your best interest to be completely alert. So, before heading out on the road, you’ll need to get a full night’s rest. Driving while tired is one of the biggest hazards that can exist in this field. The last thing you’ll want is to fall asleep while on the road.

7 – Customer Service Skills

As you deal with customers on a daily basis, you’ll be the company’s face. Hence, having great customer skills is an asset. So, be on your best behavior as you offer state-of-the-art service to clients.

8 – Stamina

HGV drivers usually need a great deal of stamina for their long trips. Additionally, this is necessary to ensure that they have the strength and power that is required to load and unload the goods that they’re transporting. In most instances, goods tend to be quite heavy.

Due to this, you’ll need to build up your strength in order to work swiftly without issues. Stamina also helps with some of the long drives that you’ll need to endure. Besides stamina, you should refrain from becoming an HGV driver if you suffer from back injuries.

When you’re out on the road for long hours, you’ll need to have a good back and high stamina. Driving with a bad back will leave you miserable and aching.