What HGV Driving Entails

Driving a car is not that hard, with a small amount of training and practice, you can do it. driving an HGV takes a special kind of person. HGV drivers are more than just driving from point A to B. Do you have what it takes to be an HGV driver? Below are some great tips on becoming the best HGV driver:

1. Being self-sufficient and being able to work independently 

One thing that attracts many people to HGV driving is the chance to have personal freedom, especially driving long-distance. You are alone the majority of your day, and you have complete control over your vehicle and driving, which is something most workers don’t have. This kind of career might not be a good fit if you are the type of person who likes having a flowing conversation and a busy workplace. HGV drivers tend to spend most of their time driving alone and they need to handle being by themselves and being responsible for the truck and the goods being transported. 

2. Spatially aware

Maneuvering an HGV in tight spaces is not going to be a challenge if you are naturally in tune with the world around you. Whether it is anticipating hazards such as pedestrians or stress furniture or finding your way along a narrow street, it is important to be spatially aware. After some time, drivers get the hand of knowing what is going on around the truck.

3. Technically literate

You don’t have to be a mechanic, but there are times when the unexpected will happen, which makes it important to understand the vehicle. Having these skills will also help you recognize problems before they become serious, which gives you the chance to take action and save yourself time and stress.

4. Cool-headed 

If you are someone whose pressure goes to the roof when another driver does something daft, then being an HGV driver might not be the best option for you. It is important to manage your anger as an HGV driver. You should expect poor driving from the other drivers and give them time and space (especially elderly drivers and learners). Make it second nature. If you are looking for HGV driver training then see here.

5. Sense of responsibility 

You need to have a good sense of responsibility when driving an HGV. If you drive poorly and the goods are damaged and it is clear, then you need to take responsibility because it is going to look bad if you blatantly lie to your employer. 

6. Alertness 

It is important for an HGV driver to remain alert at all times and be able to respond quickly to road and driving conditions they come across. They need to ensure they have gotten adequate rest and can handle the task before them. There is a lot of risks involved when a driver is on the wheel half asleep. It is a danger to themselves and other road users. It is important to get enough rest because that is how you are going to be alert.

7. Customer service skills 

It is important for HGV drivers to have good customer service skills because they need them when dealing with clients who are either receiving or shipping the goods carried in the truck. The driver is the face of the company, which is why it is important for him to be on top of their game.

8. Stamina 

HGV drivers need to have good stamina for loading and unloading goods to and from their trucks. The goods can sometimes be very heavy and you need to be strong to load and unload without any issues. Stamina is also important for long drives. They shouldn’t have issues with their back because the pain can come as they are driving and distract them.