Will The Future Belong To Smart Kitchen Appliances?

More and more kitchen appliances make use of smart technology. More conservative people may be tempted to disregard this evolution and to consider it as a superfluous trend that can’t last. Nevertheless, until not very long ago nobody had a washing machine or a dishwasher in their kitchen. Today, these appliances are considered basic. Maybe we should start to treat smart kitchen appliances with the attention they deserve, taking into consideration that the smart home concept is rapidly growing in popularity among many categories of consumers. Before getting into the article I recommend that you take a look at Zen Stone to see the services they have to offer.

What Are The Truly Essential Appliances?

If you take a closer look at the modern kitchen, you’ll see that appliances account for a fairly large part of the kitchen refit budget, coming right after high-quality marble or granite countertops. Which are the truly essential ones, though?

Large Appliances

Every kitchen requires proper storage, enough capacity to cook food and clean and reliable cookware. You can have all of these by buying a sink, an Aga and a larder. Nevertheless, today’s kitchens typically include a fridge, electric oven, dishwasher and washing machine. These eat up a large share of a new kitchen’s appliance budget.

Countertop Appliances

Different people may consider different countertop appliances as being essential to their kitchen. More often than not we’d expect to find a kettle and a toaster. Nevertheless, some people swear by their coffee machine while others can’t imagine life without their sandwich maker or professional juicer.

What Is A Smart Appliance?

Intuitive programming and connectivity are two of the common traits of smart appliances. As you can probably imagine, the exact functions of these appliances are merely the ones you’d expect. A coffee maker will always make coffee and that’s exactly what you’d expect. The difference is that smart appliances are able to connect to the internet and even to Bluetooth. A machine featuring intelligent functionality should be able to alter its behaviour based on data it collects from its regular use. These features can ease your life while also future-proofing your household.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Here’s how smart functionality works when it comes to the top 2 kitchen appliances known today.


Most smart ovens allow for remote control. This is ideal for busy people who are always on the move. You can simply instruct your oven to start preheating or even to cook. Also, you can turn the oven off by remote, if needed. Thanks to smartphone notifications, you’ll know how to adapt cooking times and when to turn off your oven. Voice controls will help you make the most out of your smart oven by giving it instructions on various things such as the correct temperature setting and the cooking time. This kind of technology is well worth investing in.


The fridge of the future will heavily rely on smart connectivity, even though you won’t be using it to switch this kind of appliance off and on. Nevertheless, a smart fridge can manage shopping lists, house notes and family correspondence. Thanks to the large display on the front door, the user will be able to access calendars, messages and the internet. Door sensor alarms will send alerts directly to your smartphone. Smart fridges include a feature that helps them automatically open their door whenever they detect a user standing in front of it. Inside, these fridges are fitted with cameras that automatically check the content and ensure you don’t forget to buy all of the essential foods you need.